Monthly Income Report – November 2022

Dear Readers,

Hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving break with family and friends.

These last few weeks have been tough for me and my family. And this explains my silence on this blog. Firstly, I had to travel internationally during the early half of November due to a family medical emergency. Dropping everything on the floor, putting a pause on my daily life here and traveling at a moment’s notice is incredibly hard. But family comes first and this is life. And just when I thought things were looking better and I returned back to the States, I contracted the Flu on my return journey and could barely get out of bed for the remainder of November.

Things are now slowly getting back to some semblance of normalcy, just in time for a monthly income update. Hopefully, I should be able to pick up the pace of my posts on this space in the days to come.

So horrible month on the personal front, how did the month go in terms of dividend income earned? Let us find out.

Dividend Income Received

Sl. No.Company / ETF (ticker)Amount
1Apple (AAPL)$3.69
2AbbVie (ABBV)$20.55
3Albertsons (ACI)$2.54
4Caterpillar (CAT)$3.63
5Clorox (CLX)$52.89
6Costco (COST)$3.62
7Procter & Gamble (PG)$20.33
8Texas Instruments (TXN)$88.04
9Verzion (VZ)$38.16
10Realty Income (O)$24.33
11JP Morgan Equity Premium Income ETF (JEPI)$7.13
12STAG Industrial (STAG)$3.95

So a total of 12 companies/ETFs combined to generate nearly $269 in terms of monthly dividend income. In addition to this, I was also able to earn $74.32 in option premium from a covered call contract I wrote at the start of the month. This brings the grand total to about $343.18 for the month of November. At the same time last year, I had earned roughly $109 in monthly income. So the YoY growth is still appreciable and indicative of the heavy investments I have been making in the portfolio during this period.

TXN, the “boring old calculator company”, was my highest dividend payer this month with an amount of $88.04. I really do not know what is “boring” about this company. Anybody who knows anything about the semiconductor industry will never use the word “boring” to describe it. In any case, in investing atleast, beauty lies in what is considered to be “boring”. Furthermore, TXN is just so much more than a “calculator” company. Not convinced? Please read my deep-dive post on the company to find out more.

As far as overall progress towards my year-end goal, I am still on track to breach the $3000 mark as far as yearly dividend income. December is slated to be a one of my higher paying dividend months, so I should be able to hit this goal comfortably and close the year out on a very high note.

Buys and Sells during this month

Trading activity on the portfolio was at an all-time low given all the stuff that was happening in my personal life. This was probably for the good anyway, as the market during this month seemed to be seeing several green days. This was probably one of the reasons why I was able to secure attractive premiums on the sole covered call contract that I wrote at the start of this month.

I will be looking for more buying opportunities in the last month of this year.


So the end of an eventful month. How did your month go? Do you hold positions in any one of my dividend payers for this month? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time..


2 thoughts on “Monthly Income Report – November 2022

  1. Glad to hear some normalcy is returning. On the bright side you get to look forward to your best paying month coming up in Dec and maybe some holiday time to recharge the batteries.

    Also jealous of the TXN payout 😁.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks SDG. Yes, really looking forward to a solid Dec to close out the year on a high. I am hoping Dec is less eventful on a personal front as well.

      TXN has been one of my highest conviction bets, and it has worked out well so far 🙂


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