My interview on Dividend Talk

I am elated to share that I was on the Dividend Talk podcast joining hosts Engineer My Freedom and European Dividend Growth Investor to discuss my journey thus far as a dividend growth investor. In my humble opinion, Dividend Talk is one of the few high-quality podcasts out there that focuses purely on dividend growth investing. And although the show title states that the discussion is with a “European flavor”, the hosts adequately cover both European and US stocks.

Both the hosts also maintain blogs (linked on their handles above and also in the Content-roll section on my blog). European Dividend Growth Investor also maintains a YouTube channel. Engineer My Freedom also writes for Sure Dividend.

It was a privilege to be a guest on this show. I am sharing a link to the podcast episode (Episode 125). Please also consider subscribing to the podcast and to the individual blogs/youtube channels for the hosts. These resources are helping me in my quest to be a better investor and I hope they will help you in a similar manner.


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